Complete Fuel System Solutions

Complete fuel systems

From Racing Fuel Cells to fuel rails and everything in between!

Standard & Custom fuel cells

With fueling accessories to optimize efficiency in your vehicle and in the pit, from start to finish.
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Marine fueling solutions

Including Racing fuel cells, Pillow bladders, Transfer tanks, Auxiliary tanks and more.
Subaru BRZ pro cell

Menzies red Bull Install
Fuel Safe Systems has been providing fueling solutions for over 35 years, servicing industries such as Auto Racing, Aviation, Military, Industrial, Subsea, and Aerospace. Fuel Safe specializes in the manufacturing of safety fuel cells, and bulk fluid containment. All of Fuel Safe’s fuel cells are built to meet or exceed FIA-FT3 and SFI 28.1 safety standards and optimize your fuel system to best meet your applications needs to ensure you are getting the best in safety and performance.  Contact one of our Sales Engineers to help find a solution to your fueling needs.

ISO Quality Control

– Fuel Safe Systems is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company to ensure the highest quality and value.

Standard Cells

standard-fuel-cells Fuel Safe provides fully certified solutions with complete rollover protection in popular sizes that fit most racing applications.  Fuel safe’s standard cells still have the flexibility to be modified to fit your fuel system needs. >>

Model Specific

cayman-cell Fuel Safe offers fully certified drop-in solution to some of the most popular vehicles seen on the track. Fuel Safe simplifies your fuel cell install by utilizing stock mounting, fuel line, and filler locations whenever possible. >>

Custom Cells

supa-cat-cell Fuel Safe specialized in custom fuel tanks and fuel cells. Fuel Safe provides custom solutions for anything from custom show cars, to top race team fleets, to self-sealing military tanks, to large industrial transfer tanks and more. >>

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