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Fuel Safe has everything you need to get your fuel system in check. Whether you need replacement parts for your Fuel Cell or looking for the right accessories to boost your fuel system’s efficiency, Fuel Safe has you covered.   From fuel cells / fuel tanks to fuel rails and everything in between, Fuel Safe has the solution to optimize your fuel system.

early mustangMost race sanctions, such as FIA, only certify fuel cells for period of time. When it comes time for a replacement fuel cell, bladder, foam, or can. Fuel Safe will get you set up with what you need to get you back on the track quickly.

A Properly set up your fuel delivery system is an major part of of your vehicle’s ability to utilize power and be more fuel efficient. Fuel Safe offers everything you need to create a superior fuel delivery system for your vehicle. Cars and Trucks today have the ability to deliver horsepower numbers that were unheard of a decade ago. Better flowing cylinder heads, camshaft profiles and more efficient ignition systems allow for more efficiency and power delivery than ever before.

Don’t let your fuel system hold you back from taking advantage of your vehicle’s potential. Have questions about what fuel pump, in-line filter set up, what fuel regulator to use, or how to mitigate fuel starvation with a collector or surge tank? Contact our sales team to get you on the right track for your specific set up. Shop for fuel delivery systems.

Collector Surge TanksSwirl Pots

6-gallon Dump Can w/Male Dry Break Kit

6-gallon Dump Can w/Male Dry Break Kit

For racing, show cars, or for your daily driver, Fuel Safe is your one stop shop for all of your fueling accessories. Gas caps, dump cans, fender fill kits, fueling hose, and dry breaks, Fuel Safe has everything you need for safe and efficient fueling. Fuel Safe offers the neccesary fueling components for your vehicle, quick fill dump can set up, and fueling towers. Shop for fueling accessories.

Bulk head fittings, Push lock, AN, ORB (O-ring bung), and hose barb fittings. Everything you need to set up your fuel system correctly. Contact Fuel Safe to determine the best way to set up your fuel system. Shop for fittings.

DSC_0033Insufficient venting can cause a multiple range of issues to your fuel system from vapor-lock to fuel spills. Fuel Safe has an array of venting options to suit your specific application. Pressure relief valves, rollover vent valves, in-lin vent valves and descriminator valves, when it comes to venting your Fuel System, Fuel Safe has the parts and expertise you need to get the job done right. Shop for check valves & vents.

Your safety is our priority! Our goal at Fuel Safe is to deliver the highest quality in safety and performance, keeping you and your vehicle safe to race again tomorrow. Check out our quickly expanding line of safety equiptment like our Heat Safe™ heat shield wrap, fire suppresion systems, and flame arresting baffling foam. Shop for safety equipment.

fs gearGet your hands on some Fuel Safe gear! T-shirts, Hats, Ogio gear bags, Banners and decals to outfit you and your shop. Shop for Fuel Safe Gear.

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