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Aircraft Fuel Bladders - Aviation Fuel Cells

Aircraft Fuel Bladders

Auxiliary Fuel Cell Bladder Tanks For Use In Airplanes, UAV, Helicopters

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The demand for aircraft fuel bladders and high tech fuel containment solutions in the aviation and aerospace industries has never been greater. Fuel Safe is capable of producing extremely lightweight, durable aviation fuel cell bladder tanks that are resistant to all types of aviation fuels including: avgas, JP fuels, gasoline and diesel. We have designed and produced aircraft fuel bladders for a wide variety of aircraft including unmanned aerial vehicles ( UAV / Drones ), experimental aircraft, and auxiliary fuel bladders for fire fighting aircraft, replacement fuel bladders for vintage war birds and more.

Custom Jetwing fuel bladders designed and manufactured by Fuel Safe for Evolve Aerosports.

Fuel Safe is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer and maintains the highest levels of quality control in the industry. We have an in-house engineering and design team that can assist with the design of your aerial fuel transport container. We can produce 3D CAD drawings to simulate form, fit and function prior to prototype production. All of our design, prototyping and production are housed in our state of the art 100,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility located in Redmond, Oregon.

Pro Barrel

Remote fuel delivery, storage & dispensing with Pro Barrel® collapsible drums 

Pro Barrel

The Pro Barrel® is a collapsible aerial fuel transport container designed specifically for aerial delivery of fuel to remote locations. Available in four sizes (55, 110, 250 & 500 gallons), Pro Barrels are an excellent choice for a wide variety of industrial and defense operations that require safe delivery, storage and dispensing of fuel in hard-to reach places. Meets or exceeds Mil-D-23119-D specs.

Pro Barrel 250 Gallons Mil-D-23119-DConstructed with multiple layers of ballistic nylon cord, a rugged rubberized polymer coating, and environmental protective top coat, Pro Barrels have been successfully deployed to some of the harshest environments on the planet. Suitable for use with hydrocarbon fuels (gasoline, diesel, AVGAS, oil, kerosene, etc.), these barrels can be pressure filled to 5 PSI and then collapsed to a fraction of their size for storage and transport.

Pro Barrels consist of a heavy duty fuel resistant laminated construction that is extremely robust. The outer top coat provides an environmental barrier against weather, UV, and abrasion. All flanges are industrial grade, heavy duty treated steel with welded lift attachments and threaded connections. View the Pro Barrel Brochure

Pro Barrel Collapsible Fuel Container Mil-D-23119-D



Drum & Barrel Applications

Pro Barrel  Mil-D-23119-D

Pro Barrel fully collapsed

Our portable, collapsible oil barrels are ideal for military troop support, offshore drilling, remote construction sites, mining operations, oil rig support, rescue recovery operations disaster relief, and long range research and exploration logistics.

Pro barrels are ideal for applications requiring:

  • Oil barrel transport to and from remote locations
  • Helicopter aerial transport of Fuel, Oil, and Water
  • Collapsible storage tanks for diesel, gasoline, jet fuel, or oil
  • Portable fuel dispensing capabilities

Transport and Storage Compatibility

The durable construction of our portable drum barrels allows safe transportation and storage of the following liquids:

  • Gasoline (MOGAS and AVGAS)
  • JP Fuels (Jet Fuel)
  • Diesel Fuel
  • Oil
  • Kerosene

Operating conditions

  • Temperature :20° to 80° F (-29° to 27° C)
  • Relative humidity 20 to 70%
  • Do not store in contact with water

Drum and Barrel Products

Pro Barrel collapsible fuel transport containers are available in 55, 250, and 500 gallon sizes, or can be manufactured to meet custom specifications. For more information, refer to our Pro Barrel Operation and Maintenance brochure.

Pro Barrel Sizes Mil-D-23119-D

500 U.S. gal. (2000L) PRO-B-500 150 lbs (68 kg) 51” dia. x 52” ht. (130 cm x 132 cm)
250 U.S. gal. (1000L) PRO-B-250 100 lbs (45 kg) 39” dia. x 42” ht. (99 cm x 90 cm)
110 U.S. gal. (440L) PRO-B-110 85 lbs (38 kg) 30” dia. x 35” ht. (76 cm x 90 cm)
55 U.S. gal (220L) PRO-B-055 60 lbs (27 kg) 23” dia. x 35” ht. (59 cm x 90 cm)


Portable Drum and Barrel Construction

Pro Barrel collapsible drum barrels are constructed using multiple layers of ballistic nylon tire cord and extremely tough polymer coatings, creating an exceptionally durable transport and storage container that meets or exceeds Mil-D-23119-D Specs. High strength end plates connected by internal high-tensile tendons provide support for airlifting by helicopter or other sling lift applications. Our 500 gallon drum weighs only 130 lbs. dry and collapses to 5% of its filled volume for easy transportation and storage.

Pro Barrel Construction Mil-D-23119-D

Cut-away of the Pro Barrel showing the internal support tensions



Lift Sling Assembly

Lift Sling Assembly - P/N PB-LSA
(Fits all sized drums- included with all Pro Barrels.)

Valve Assembly

Valve Assembly - P/N GVA200
(Included with all Pro Barrels)

100gpm Pumping System

Optional 100gpm pumping system
(Call for details)


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  • 55 gallon Pro Barrel

    Pro Barrel, 55 gallon, PRO-B-055

    55 Gal. (220 L) Pro Barrel Collapsible Transport Container, approx. 23" Diameter X 35" Tall, with Internal Strap Support. Features: -Air-Lift-able by Helicopter -Collapses Down for Easy Storage -Thick Coating and Aliphatic Paint Provide Protection in All Conditions -Perfect for Remote Applications" Learn More

  • 110 gallon Pro Barrel

    Pro Barrel, 110 gallon, PRO-B-110

    110 Gal.(400 L) Pro Barrel Collapsible Transport Container. 30" Diameter X 35" Tall with Internal Strap Support. Includes Drain/Fill/ Lift Sling Assembly (PRO-B-SDFK). Features: -Air-Lift-able by Helicopter -Collapses Down for Easy Storage -Thick Coating and Aliphatic Paint Provide Protection in All Conditions -Perfect for Remote Applications" Learn More

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