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Secondary Containment

Secondary Containment

When it comes to handling hazardous materials and secondary containment, responsibility is key. Every time your company operates with flammable or toxic liquids, you have an obligation to protect your staff, the public, and the natural environment from all possible risks. Only by investing in quality containment equipment can you fulfill this obligation and keep your fuel safely stored. Fuel Safe Systems offers a broad selection of secondary containment bladders, spill containment berms, and other containment equipment to meet this need. With our help, you'll never have trouble upholding the highest standards of fuel safety.

Avoid Catastrophic Leaks with Quality Berms & Bladders 

With portable bladders and berms from Fuel Safe Systems, you can prevent minor leaks from spreading. If any part of your containment system fails, bladders and spill berms take advantage of angled wall struts, weight-based structural support, and steel rings to hold fuel or other hazardous materials in place. This way, nothing seeps outside the containment area, preventing harmful chemicals from leaking into the environment or coming into contact with those who aren’t prepared to handle them safely. You then have plenty of time to get to the site, assess the damage, and store or dispose safely of all spilled liquids.

American-Made Quality to Meet Your Specific Needs

Manufactured in the United States, Fuel Safe Systems manufactures products to address the unique needs and risks of local businesses. Our containment berms and bladders are up to any containment challenges. We offer tailored solutions of the highest quality, including:

Reliable Materials- Fuel Safe Systems builds berms, bladders, and tanks from a wide range of urethane and rubber films. By finding the material that is best suited to hold the specific fuel you use, we reduce the risk of spills and improve your storage capacity.

Custom Designs- Besides having access to a variety of quality materials, we know how to build products uniquely suited to your operation. Through on-site design, machining, and welding services, we can produce spill containment equipment to precise specifications you set.

Select Specialties- Our team specializes in a broad selection of specific applications. We are particularly adept at producing spill containment berms and secondary containment bladders that are inflatable, crash-worthy, and/or armored.

Industry Background- Fuel Safe Systems has extensive experience working with the SSC Thrust Car, the United States Navy, and a wide range of other organizations and projects with critical fuel storage needs. As a result, we know how to meet the strictest standards with the highest possible stakes.

Whether you are storing fuel or other chemicals, don’t compromise spill containment safety. Order a custom spill containment berm or secondary containment bladder from the leading hazardous storage expert, Fuel Safe!