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Marine Fuel Bladders

Marine Fuel Bladders

Collapsible, Flexible & Portable Storage Bladders for Various Uses

Auxiliary Bladder Pillow Tanks For Boats, Motorcycles, Cars, Aircraft

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Fuel Safe's marine fuel bladders are designed to safely transport liquids, specifically for ocean going vessels and race boats, however they can be used for all forms of liquid transport. The line of auxiliary fuel bladder tanks we offer allows sport-fishing vessels, recreational yachts and work boats to carry an additional 25-1000 gallons of fuel on board in a convenient flexible bladder that folds up and stows away when not in use. Fuel Safe’s marine fuel bladders are the most popular collapsible boat tanks on the market due to their durability and quality.

"I’m very pleased with this bladder. Even though I didn’t need it for the crossing, I used it extensively on the trip. It extended my range and reduced the number of fuel stops as a result. Works great."

- Customer Testimonial, Ranger Bladder
Submitted Customer Photo

Ranger Marine Fuel Bladders is home of the Ranger™ series of marine fuel bladders.

Pillow tank storage bladders are an excellent way to contain and transport all types of fuel, potable water, oils and waste water.

Light weight and super tough, our Ranger is built with Mil-spec materials that are highly resistant to the extreme weather conditions and harsh elements common in the marine industry. In addition, they are puncture and abrasion resistant – important features that add a new level of safety to the task of containing and transporting liquids.

Our new Strap-Lock securing system will ensure it stays where you put it and reduces common stress and strains found on other systems. The empty bladders are collapsible so they can easily be stored in small confined areas.

Whether you are racing an unlimited hydro at speeds greater than 200 mph or breaking waves on a Coast Guard cutter, ARM-USA can build the perfect fuel bladder for your boat. Using state-of-the-art materials with an eye towards your marine safety, ARM-USA builds the best custom boat bladders in the industry. Call today to discuss your project with one of our experienced marine sales engineers.

Ranger™ Pillow Bladder with Strap Lock System and Cam Lock Drain Kit

Each Ranger™ portable fuel bladder features:

  • High grade Mil Spec coated fabric material
  • Industry leading Strap-Lock system
  • Large fill neck for fast and easy filling
  • Standard 1” NPT fuel outlet
  • Proven design featuring reinforced seams, corners and openings
  • Lightweight & Durability
  • Puncture resistance (spec)
  • Abrasion resistance (spec)
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty
  • Fast delivery (most standard sizes ship in 3 business days)

Pillow Bladder

Our boat bladder bags use the highest quality materials, components, assembly processes and quality control available in the industry.

Marine Fuel Bladder Specifications

Standard Boat Fuel & Water Pillow Bladders

Our high quality, durable and portable fuel bladder systems come complete with our Strap Lock tie-down system to securely hold your bladder tank in place. Auxiliary fuel bladders are designed to provide a portable way to safely contain and transport liquids. Standard size boar bladders range from 25 gallon to 1,000 gallon sizes, as well as custom sizes for extended range boating, yachting and fishing and more. The table below provides part numbers and specifications for our standard fuel and water pillow bladders:

 Fuel and Water Pillow Bladder Sizes:

Part No. (Fuel)Part No. (Water)Capacity (Gal.)Capacity (Liters)LengthWidth Height
25 gal. 
50 gal. 189.3
100 gal. 378.5
150 gal.  567.8
200 gal.
250 gal.
300 gal.
500 gal.
750 gal.
1000 gal.


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Our boat bladders come in standard sizes, custom sizes, and can be used as an above deck or below deck bladder for extended range boating, yachting and fishing.

Xcat Powerboat Racing Team

Team Al Wasl celebrates a victorious race in their Xcat powerboat. Fuel Safe designed and produced Al Wasl's custom racing fuel bladders.

Fuel Safe designs and manufactures marine fuel tanks for many of the top hydroplane and off shore race teams in the world. Our marine fuel bladders and cells are designed to provide maximum protection and performance. All of our marine fuel storage bladders are designed from high strength, flexible coated fabrics, that are durable above or below deck.

Our boat fuel bladders come in standard sizes, custom sizes, and can be used as an above deck or below deck fuel tank for extended range boating, yachting and fishing.

Currently, Fuel Safe has a set of custom fuel bladders on board the support sailboat "Discoverer" to aid in its expedition across the Pacific Ocean, ferrying The Longest Swim crew from Tokyo to San Francisco. The Longest Swim team needed custom bladders to hold an additional 500 gallons of fuel to keep up with swimmer Ben Lecomte, who's mission is to swim the 5,500 miles from Tokyo to San Francisco in the name of science and sustainability.

Additional projects include, custom fuel bladders for powerboating team Al Wasl; a Xcat powerboat racing team overseen by the Union International Motonautique organization.The team is pictured above after winning a race in May of 2018.

Offshore Racing Fuel Bladder

Custom range extending fuel bladders for The Longest Swim. Fuel Safe was asked to design and build bladders that would allow a support vessel to across the Pacific Ocean unassisted while a crew member swam.

Longest Swim Crew with Bladder

The Longest Swim crew with one of their above deck, custom, range extending fuel bladders.

Fuel Safe Systems also worked with Transocean (pictured below) to develop a 320 gallon reservoir for Blow Out Prevention Stack. The pictured reservoir holds a mix of fresh water and hydraulic fluid and will be placed on the sea floor for testing once passing tests topside. The tank is made of 316SS and is design to withstand crane lifting when full of fluid.

Transocean, Tank

Shown is the tank designed for Transocean. This one holds a mix of fresh water and hydraulic fluid and is made entirely of 316SS. It can be crane lifted while full of fluid.

Portable Marine Fuel Tanks

Marine Fuel Bladders

Auxiliary fuel tanks are an ideal solution for the storage and transport of fuel, portable water and waste liquids in the marine environment. Constructed from MIL-Spec materials at our ISO 9001:2015 certified factory in Redmond, Oregon, our flexible fuel bladders are built to last and designed specifically for marine applications. We offer standard and custom bladder sizes for any type of marine application including yachting, fishing, racing and work boats.

Pillow Bladder Accessories

Pillow Bladder Transfer Pump
Pillow Bladder Drain Kit

Marine Fuel Bladder Applications

Our portable fuel tanks are designed to equip any boat with extra fuel, diesel, or storage of potable or black-water.

Pillow Tank Strapped Down

Portable bladder tank Strapped Down on deck

Whether you are looking for a marine fuel tank for a racing boat, fishing vessel, or to store water on your yacht – All of our boat fuel bladders are designed for: 

  • Extended range boating
  • Auxiliary Fuel tank
  • Temporary storage
  • Convenience
  • Re-usable
  • Portable / portability
  • Transferability (use on multiple vessels)
  • Stowability
  • Durability

Commercial Fleet Fuel Bladders

Auxiliary fuel bladders and high capacity fueling system and collapsible fuel bladders for yachts and commercial fleets. These collapsible bladders can be used for fuel or chemical containment and transport with potable water options available. Whether you are transporting fluids or need auxiliary fuel, we have collapsible containment solutions to fit your specific application. On deck, in the hull, or in tight locations, we make marine fuel bladders and custom sized collapsible containment solutions to fit your needs.

Marine Commercial Fuel Bladder

Race Boat and Yacht Fuel Bladders

Custom lightweight and ultra light weight fuel cells for race boats, and high capacity Fuel Bladders for extended range yachting.

Marine Racing Cell

Subsea & Ballast Fuel Bladders

Submersible ballasts, air bladders and fuel bladders.

Subsea Fuel Bladder

Fuel Bladder Tank FAQs

Q: How do I fill the pillow bladder?
A: The bladder tank can be filled from either the top plate or the outlet fitting located on the lower corner of the bladder.

Q: Can the pillow bladder be used to supply fuel or diesel directly to the engine?
A: Yes, the bladders are designed to replenish fuel and diesel to the primary tanks on a vessel.

Q: What types of liquids can be stored in a bladder tank?
A: All hydrocarbon fuels: diesel, aviation gas, pump gas. Water bladders are also available.

Q: How do I secure the bladder bags when in use?
A: All standard pillow bladders come with a strap-lock system to securely hold your pillow bladders in place when in use.

Q: Are custom bladder tanks available?
A: Yes, we can fabricate bladders to fit virtually any boat or custom application. Please contact us, call our sales department at 1- 800-433-6524 or Contact Us


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