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Motorsports Fuel Cells

Motorsport Fuel Cells

Building safe race winning fuel cells

For more than 30 years, Fuel Safe has been offering a complete line of safety fuel cells from Off Road to NASCAR racing and everything in between. Fuel Safe offers safety fuel cells that are compatible with Race gas, Alcohol fuels, Ethanol Blends, Diesel, and pump gas to fit the racing needs of the every driver.

Fuel Safe’s FIA-FT3 and SFI 28.1 certified fuel cells assure the highest in safety and protection and meet even the most strict safety demands of the race industry. The relentless pursuit of quality, safety and performance drives everything we do at Fuel Safe. We work at the cutting edge of material design, fuel cell parts, and fuel cell product development to deliver the world’s lightest, safest and most performance oriented racing fuel cells available.

Our sales and engineering teams have partnered with racing designers, chassis builders, and engineers to create race winning designs for top teams around the world. These top tier innovations make their way into every fuel cell that goes out the door to ensure Fuel Safe remains your number one choice in racing fuel cells.

Fuel Safe has established itself as a company that excels at designing top-quality bladders, fuel cells, fueling parts, and tanks, all while keeping safety a top priority. Our fuel cells, tanks, and bladders are perfect for extreme applications such as racing. Fuel Safe designs are forward thinking, from using materials such as specialized foam and aluminum, to optimizing the way that professionals store and handle fuel. Fuel Safe is revolutionizing vehicle fuel cells, and how the specialized vehicles that use them operate.

  • Fuel Safe's racing fuel cells are durable and safe, evenly distributing fuel at high speeds
  • Fuel Safe bladders are light weight and strong, easy to store and perfect for holding water, fuel, or other liquids
  • Fuel Safe has designed some of the highest quality performance tanks in the industry that can withstand even the harshest of conditions


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  • 12 gallon Core Cell Racing Fuel Cell

    Core Complete Fuel Cell, EED, 5-32 Gallons

    Our Core Cell® line of racing fuel cells offers full FIA-FT3 approval at an affordable price. Built from high strength molded “rubber” components, the Core Cell® is a favorite with off road racers and circle track teams. The simple design saves you money and delivers FIA FT3 certified performance. Designed for use with all hydrocarbon fuels and E85 blend and alcohol (alcohol use requires the removal of foam baffling), the Core Cell® line of fuel cells from Fuel Safe® delivers excellent performance at a great price. All Core Cell® racing cells come complete with: • High strength, FIA-FT3 certified Core Cell® bladder. • Full safety foam baffling, minimizes fuel slosh and the potential for an explosion • SF6X10E fill plate comes standard with a -8 pickup (plumbed to the right rear of the cell), -8 return, -8 rollover vent valve, high quality threaded aluminum fill cap and a sending unit provision. • Aircraft grade nut ring and gasket • Fuel pickup assembly, factory installed • 5 year manufacturer warranty Recommended upgrades: surge tank, sending unit, lightweight aluminum can and more! See the parts section of our catalog for a complete listing of all available accessories. PLEASE ALLOW 5-7 BUSINESS DAYS FOR FABRICATION Learn More

  • Fuel Pick-up Kit 3/4" - 12 AN Includes: 3' of Hose, Hose Clamp, & BHF12KN

    Fuel Pick-up Kit, FP183S

    Fuel Pick-up Kit 3/4" - 12 AN Includes: 3' of Hose, Hose Clamp, & BHF12KN Learn More

  • /

    Replacement Bladder for Pro Cell® Off Road Truck Fuel Cell, RBOR-TP

    FIA-FT3 certified Pro Cell® bladder with the capability of running gasoline, diesel and E85 blends fuels. • FIA-FT3 certified seamless Pro Cell bladder (now with black Aliphatic Paint coating to prevent photo and hydro-degradation) • Full safety baffling foam • Fuel pickup assembly PLEASE ALLOW 5-7 BUSINESS DAYS FOR FABRICATION Learn More

  • Porsche Can, ACSA997

    Porsche Can, ACSA997

    The ACSA997 replacement Porsche can is made to house Fuel Safe's 997 GT3R, SA997 fuel cell. This replacement can, ACSA997, features mounting brackets for easy installation. Learn More

  • Porsche Can, ACSA118

    Porsche Can, ACSA118

    Fuel Safe's replacement aluminum can for Porsche 911/996 GT3R, SA118 cell. The ACSA118, is a replacement container for the complete 27 gallon SA118 fuel cell. Learn More

  • Porsche Can, ACSA117

    Porsche Can, ACSA117

    Porsche replacement aluminum can, fits SA117 cell. The ACSA117 has everything you need to replace your existing SA117 can. This can fits Fuel Safe's 27 gallon Porsche fuel cell. Learn More

  • Porsche Can, ACSA106

    Porsche Can, ACSA106

    Replacement aluminum can, ACSA106, for Porsche 356A/B, SA106 fuel cell. This can fits Fuel Safe's 20 gallon Porsche cell. Learn More

  • Porsche Can, ACSA105

    Porsche Can, ACSA105

    The perfect replacement can for Fuel Safe's Porsche SA105 fuel cell. The ACSA105, fitting the 12 gallon Porsche 356A/B, SA105 fuel cell, has an approximate ship weight of 37 lbs. Learn More

  • Porsche Aluminum Can, ACSA104

    Porsche Aluminum Can, ACSA104

    Replacement aluminum can, ACSA104, for Porsche C2/C4/993 Carrera Cup. This can fits Fuel Safe's SA104 fuel cell with a 32 gal. capacity. Learn More

  • Porsche Can, ACSA103

    Porsche Can, ACSA103

    Replacement aluminum can, ACSA103, for Porsche C2/C4/993. This can fits a 27 gallon (100 ltr.) Fuel Safe SA103 fuel cell. Learn More

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