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Fuel Cell Vent Check Valves

Fuel Cell Venting

Insufficient venting can cause a multiple range of issues to your fuel system from vapor-lock to fuel spills. Fuel Safe has an array of venting options to suit your specific application. Pressure relief valves, rollover vent valves, in-lin vent valves and descriminator valves, when it comes to venting your Fuel System, Fuel Safe has the parts and expertise you need to get the job done right.


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  • 1 3/4" In-Tank Check Valve (Includes Nutring, Gasket, and Bolts)

    Large Diameter Vent Check Valve, ITV175

    1 3/4" In-Tank Check Valve (Includes Nutring, Gasket, and Bolts) Learn More

  • VRJ6-6 Vent Valve

    In-Line Tank Mount Vent Valve, VRJ6-6

    The VRJ6-6 vent valve is unique in the motorsports world. This valve combines the features of a standard rollover vent valve (allows the fuel tank to breathe) with the added features of a discriminator valve (discriminates between fuel and air) which prevents fuel from "burping" out of the vent line. Lastly, the valve has a 200 millibar pressure by-pass feature that prevents pressure from building up in the tank. The valve is approved for use by the FIA. The valve features -6 AN fittings on either end for ease of installation. Click on the spec sheet for a complete description of the valve and dimensions of the valve body. Learn More

  • -16 In-tank discriminator valve.

    In-Tank Discriminator Valve, ITDV16

    -16 In-tank discriminator valve. Provides high flow venting, rollover protection and discriminates between fuel / air preventing fuel loss from your vent line. Learn More

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