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The Fuel Safe Systems Outlet offers racing fuel cells, racing fuel bladders, racing fuel cell containers, refueling components, parts and accessories that may be discontinued, have minor blemishes, or may be unused returned items. The Outlet offers top quality products for a fraction of the retail price. Everything we sell is in perfect working condition, we would not sell anything that is compromised in any way. Read the descriptions thoroughly prior to purchasing, we will disclose all information about the products in the description so you know exactly what you will receive.

Items listed on the Fuel Safe Outlet are limited supply and one-off parts. We will periodically have new parts and accessories listed throughout the year so check back often to make sure you can take advantage of the savings.

If you don’t see what you are looking for, contact our sales team to help get you set up with what you need.

All Fuel Safe racing fuel cells are built to meet or exceed FIA-FT3 and SFI 28.3 safety specifications, however, not all fuel cells carry the homologation. If your racing series requires homologation, please be sure to read the descreiption and make sure the fuel cell you purchase has the homologation included.

  • Fuel Safe's racing fuel cells are durable and safe, evenly distributing fuel at high speeds
  • Fuel Safe bladders are lightweight and strong, easy to store and perfect for holding water, fuel, or other liquids
  • Fuel Safe has designed some of the highest quality performance tanks in the industry that can withstand even the harshest of conditions


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