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Corvette Fuel Cells

Corvette Fuel Cells

Fuel Safe®'s Corvette racing fuel cell is the pefect fit for your factory-installed tank. The overall design of our Corvette fuel cell is intended to maximize performance, add safety, and simplify installation. No special hardware is needed because the fuel cell uses stock Corvette hardware to mount. The Corvette fuel cell bladder tank includes an FIA-FT3 approved Pro Cell® bladder and an SF6X10E fill plate. Look no further for the perfect match for your Corvette's fueling needs. 

Each Corvette racing fuel cell includes:

  • TIG welded aluminum container
  • FIA-FT3 Pro Cell® fuel bladder
  • SF6X10E fill plate
  • Full safety foam baffling, minimizes fuel slosh and the potential for an explosion
  • 5 year warranty