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Late Mustang Fuel Cells

Fuel Safe® Mustang racing cells are available for both late model (Fox Body 1980 – 2004) and early model Mustang vehicles. Our late model cells were designed in conjunction with Ford and will accommodate both solid axle and IRS rear end setups. Fuel Safe’s® early Mustang cells are available in 16 and 22 gallon sizes and can turn your classic Mustang into a modern race car. All cells feature a Pro Cell® or Sportsman® bladder, a high quality aluminum container and the same aircraft grade hardware that comes standard on all of our race cells. Fuel Safe’s® Mustang cells are the racer’s choice.

All Mustang cells come with the following hardware:
• TIG welded aluminum container
• FIA FT3 approved Pro Cell® or Sportsman® fuel bladder
• SF6X10A fill plate with -8 vent and provision for -8 return, and -8 pickup (in factory location) Remote fill options are available. See the parts section for your specific application.
• Full safety foam baffling, minimizes fuel slosh and the potential for an explosion
• 2 year manufacturer warranty