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Sprint Car Fuel Cell Accessories

Sprint Car Fuel Cells

All Fuel Safe® Sprint, Midget and Micro fuel cell accessories are engineered to deliver championship performance at a competitive price.

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  • Fuel Safe Sprint Enduro Fuel Cell

    Complete Sprint Enduro Fuel Cell

    The Sprint Enduro Cell is an all fuel compatible fuel cell that is affordable for all levels of racing. Fuel Safe's popular Enduro Cell has been a part of the fuel safe lineup for 30 years and is race proven in all styles of racing, from road racing, off road, drag, and dirt track racing. Fuel Safe's Sprint Enduro fuel cell is the only FIA-FT3 certified fuel cell on the market. With an industry leading 5-year warranty, the Sprint Enduro fuel cell delivers certified safety, performance, and peace of mind. Check with your series regulations to verify that the Sprint Enduro cell complies with your series regulations. All Fuel Safe sprint cells are delivered race ready with the following components: • Sprint Enduro Fuel Bladder with chassis mount inserts • Sprint fill plate with billet aluminum flush cap and blank plugs (standard) • Fuel pickup assembly • FIA-FT3 safety certification • 5 year manufacturer warranty Upgrade your sprint cell with: - Fill plate bulkheads - In-tank filter kit - High performance vent - Vent filter / Filter guard PLEASE ALLOW 10-14 DAYS FOR MANUFACTURING Learn More

  • Midget Cell Tail Tank

    Midget Tail Tank, MT

    Replacement high strength molded Midget tail tank Learn More

  • Sprint car tail tank

    Sprint Tail Tank, ST

    Replacement Sprint tail tanks Learn More

  • High Flow, -10 vent valve assembly with spring loaded rollover protection and integrated air filter.  Ideal for dirt racing options.

    Flow Vent Valve, ITVV10AFC

    The High Flow, -10 vent valve assembly allows for system venting while preventing any debris from entering your fuel cell. The Flow Vent Valve, ITVV10AFC vent is equipped with internal spring loaded rollover protection to prevent fuel spillage. To keep your vent clean this vent valve features an integrated air filter to keep your fuel system running smoothly. This combination is ideal for dirt racing, desert racing, or any application where you may run the risk of particle debris entering your fuel system. Learn More

  • Fuel Safe Aluminum Fill Plate, SF4X6L

    Fuel Safe Sprint Fill Plate, SF4X6L (Aluminum)

    Fuel Safe Aluminum 4" by 6" Fill Plate, Thread In Cap with Roll Over Vent, (2) -6 AN Female and (1) -8 AN Return Ports Fill plate has a Black Hard Anodized Finish. Learn More
    $225.00 $180.00

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    -10 High Flow Vent Valve, ITVV10

    The ITVV10, High Flow, -10 vent valve assembly with rollover protection, provides relief for your fuel system. This in-tank vent check valve uses a -10 modified bulkhead with internal check ball. If you're a dirt racer, this vent is ideal in, and for any, high pressure situations. Learn More

  • ITVV12 -12 AN Vent Check Valve

    -12 (3/4") High Flow Vent Check Valve

    High Flow, -12 AN vent valve assembly with rollover protection. Ideal for use with dump can and dry break setups with fast fueling. Pairs up great with Fuel Safe's DV100 -12 AN Discriminator valve (required in BITD and SCORE sanctioned races) Learn More

  • High Flow, low profile -10 vent valve assembly with spring loaded rollover protection.

    -10 High Flow Vent Valve, ITVV10LP-S

    Fuel Safe's High Flow, low profile -10 vent valve assembly with internal spring-loaded rollover protection is a great modification to your setup for allowing your system to vent while preventing any spillage from occurring. The ITVV10LP-S can be added to any plate with a -10 sized port, and with it's low profile you have more clearance from the top of your fuel cell. Learn More

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    12AN in-tank fuel filter 90 degree

    Fuel Screen, FS120-ANK

    -12AN In-tank Fuel Filter Screen (90°) Learn More
    $326.70 $110.00

  • Fuel Pick-up Kit 3/4" - 12 AN Includes: 3' of Hose, Hose Clamp, & BHF12KN

    Fuel Pick-up Kit, FP183S

    Fuel Pick-up Kit 3/4" - 12 AN Includes: 3' of Hose, Hose Clamp, & BHF12KN Learn More

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