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Off-Road Fuel Cells

Off-Road Fuel Cells

Fuel Safe's Off-Road fuel cells are specifically designed to take on the rigors of the harsh off-road environments these fuel cells will be exposed to. Compatible with race fuels, diesel fuels, and ethonal blends, these off-road racing fuel cell bladder tanks are built to suit your fueling needs.

Off Road Cells

  • Standard Cells
  • Truck Cells
  • Buggy Cells
  • UTV Cells

Fuel Safe’s® line of off-road fuel cells is second to none. We offer factory designed Pro Cell and Enduro Cell off-road systems that give you all the performance and safety of a custom fuel cell without the custom price. FIA-FT3 compliant, compatible with gasoline, diesel and E85 fuels, Fuel Safe’s® fuel cells for off road racing offer maximum performance and durability for your off-road truck, buggy or UTV.

All Fuel Safe off road fuel cells come standard with:

  • Hand fabricated aluminum container
  • Super tough FIA-FT3 approved Pro Cell or Enduro bladder
  • Remote and direct fill options
  • Full safety foam baffling, minimizes fuel slosh and the potential for an explosion
  • -8 fuel pickup assembly
  • 5 year manufacturer warranty

Upgrade your off-road racing fuel cell with a collector, in-tank pump(s) or dry break for superior performance and fuel delivery. See the parts section of our catalog for a complete listing of accessory items.


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