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Complete Fuel Cells

Complete Fuel Cells For Sprint Racing

FIA / SFI certified complete fuel cells for sprint car racing. Designed around our proven and durable Enduro® fuel bladder, these complete fuel cells offer the Sprint and Midget racers the highest levels of protection. Constructed from high-strength cross-linked polyethylene, these are the only Sprint and Midget Racing Fuel Cells that carry both an FIA-FT3 and SFI 28.1 certification. By eliminating the rubberized bladder, Fuel Safe offers professional and amateur racers the lightest, most affordable, certified racing fuel cell in the industry.

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  • Fuel Safe's Midget Ultra-Cell

    Complete Midget Ultra II Cell®, MB2

    The new complete Midget Sprint Ultra-Cell has landed! Fuel Safe has engineered the new cell with a neoprene bladder and full internal baffle to deliver championship performance, higher capacity and repairable bladders. Constructed from alcohol compatible neoprene, which offers flexibility, repair-ability, fewer seams and better fitment (for greater capacity) than competitors. The new bladder is compatible with alcohol fuels including: Methanol, Ethanol, and Ethanol blends above E85.

    All Fuel Safe sprint cells are delivered race ready with the following components:
    • Premium quality Fuel Safe, new Ultra-Cell Bladder
    • Full baffle, to mitigate fuel slosh
    • High strength molded tail tank (shell) with chassis mount inserts
    • Sprint fill plate with billet aluminum threaded cap and blank plugs (standard)
    • Fuel pickup assembly
    • Factory installed wear guard assembly
    • 5 year manufacturer warranty

    Upgrade your sprint cell with:
    - Fill plate bulkheads
    - In-tank filter kit
    - High performance vent
    - Vent filter / Filter guard


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