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Universal Box End Fuel Cells

Universal Box Fuel Cell

Fuel Safe offers a complete line of safety fuel cells from Off Road to NASCAR and everything in between. Fuel Safe offers cells that are compatible with Race gas, Alcohol fuels, Ethanol Blends, Diesel and pump gas to fit the needs of every driver. Fuel Safe's FIA and SFI certified fuel cells assure the highest in safety and protection and meet even the most strict safety demands of the industry.

Safety Fuel Cell Components

Safety Fuel Cell Components

Fuel Safe’s universal fuel cells range from 5 gallons to 44 gallons with your choice of any one of our certified safety fuel bladders. Fuel Safe allows you to configure your fuel cell to suit your specific application. With the ability to chose your can style, fill options, fitting sizes, and internal components such as collectors, surge tanks, checked baffle walls, ect. you can be confident that you will have the correct fuel system for your application. Don’t know exactly what you need? Call our experienced sales engineers to help get you into the right fuel cell and set up with an optimized fuel system.

– All Fuel Safe racing cells are built to meet or exceed FIA-FT3 and SFI 28.1 safety standards –

Universal Fuel Cells

  • Pro Cell
  • Sportsman Cell
  • Enduro Cell
  • Core Cell
  • Race Safe


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  • Safety Foam Baffling

    Safety Foam Baffling - Enduro, Race Safe, Core - FB

    Safety foam baffling minimizes fuel slosh and the potential for an explosion. Safety Foam Baffling is a required safety feature in most sanctioned races and at most race tracks. Available in 6", 8", and 12" blocks, or cut to size to fit your Enduro, Race Safe, or Core fuel cell. - We recommend replacing gaskets when removing the fill plate to add new foam baffling, or whenever a plate with a gasket is removed. - Please note that the use of ethanol blends may reduce the usable life of your foam. See below for SKUs and dimensions. Learn More

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