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Sportsman Fuel Cells

Sportsman Fuel Cell

The Sportsman® cell is our most cost effective soft bladder fuel cell. The Sportsman® cell meets all FIA-FT3 requirements and is designed for use with all hydrocarbon fuels and ethanol blends up to 15%. The Sportsman® bladders are constructed with a proprietary pre-coated fabric that offers a great balance of performance and price.

All Sportsman® racing cells are race ready and feature the following:

  • Durable, FIA-FT3 certified Sportsman® bladder.
  • Powder coated 20 gauge steel container with external mounting flange
  • Full safety foam baffling, minimizes fuel slosh and the potential for an explosion
  • SF6X10E fill plate comes standard with a -8 pickup (plumbed to the right rear of the cell), -8 return, -8 rollover vent valve, high quality threaded aluminum fill cap and a sending unit provision. 
  • Aircraft grade nut ring and gasket
  • Fuel pickup assembly, factory installed
  • 5 year manufacturer warranty
  • Recommended upgrades: surge tank, sending unit, lightweight aluminum can and more! See the parts section of our catalog for a complete listing of all available accessories.
  • Approved for use in all major race sanctioning bodies. Meets SFI and FIA safety requirements.

Note: capacities for fuel cells are based off of external container dimensions. Usable capacity may vary based on bladder type, installed internal components, scavenge systems, etc. If you are sensitive on capacity, you may want to consider sizing up. For more accurate information on capacity for your specific application, please review your fuel cell setup with our sales team prior to ordering.  

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