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Complete Spectra-Lite FCST, With Direct Fill and Cap Zoom

Spectra-Lite FCST Complete Cell, 5-22 Gallons, SL-FCST

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The Spectra-Lite Fuel Cell Surge Tank (FCST) Fuel Cell is Fuel Safe's answer for racers in search of an ultra-lightweight racing cell with fuel starvation protection. This cell has a rear-set fill plate for easy access to pumps, and is designed to save weight and shave seconds. The compact Radium Engineering FCST drop in system features a true dual-chambered fuel tank, utilizing a single lift pump and up to three surge tank pumps. This unique design is intended for use in EFI vehicles experiencing fuel pump starvation issues while using a competition fuel cell.
Together, Radium Engineering's FCST and Fuel Safe's Spectra-Lite fuel cell offer a balance of safety and performance for any racer. The Ultra-Light fuel cell bladder is thinner and lighter than all the rest, while boasting a higher level of safety standards. Spectra-Lite Cells meet all FIA-FT3.5 requirements and are designed for use with all hydrocarbon fuels. Spectra-Lite bladders are constructed with a proprietary pre-coated fabric housed in a lightweight aluminum can and fitted with a FCST which can be customized with pumps and fill to meet your racing needs.

Spectra-Lite racing fuel cells are race ready for install and feature the following:
• Lightweight, FIA-FT3.5 certified Spectra-Lite bladder
• Aluminum container with external mounting flange
• Aircraft grade nutring and gasket
• Full safety foam baffling, minimizes fuel slosh and the potential for an explosion
• Rear-set Radium Engineering FCST fill plate (with choice of fill and pumps)
• 5 year manufacturer warranty


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Product Description


    SL-FCST Complete Fuel Cell Information:

    Part No. Capacity  Product Dimensions
     5 gal.
    13.625" x 13.625" x 8.375" 
     8 gal.
    20.75" x 16" x 7.75"
    8 gal.
    20.125" x 12.125" x 8.625"
    12 gal.
    20.75" x 17.875" x 9.5"
    15 gal.
    26" x 17.875" x 9.5" 
    18 gal.
    28" x 17.125" x 9.875"
    22 gal.
    34" x 18" x 9.5"

    Pump Information:

    - Aeromotive Fuel Pump: E85 Compatible, Center Inlet, 340 HP, Includes Filter Sock, Carb. or EFI Applications, In-tank Use Only.

    - Walbro 39/50 DCSS E85 High Performance In-Tank Fuel Pump, 450 LPH, Horsepower: 750HP+, Flow Rate: 450LPH, Operating Pressure: 35-120 PSI

    Radium Engineering's Fuel Cell Surge Tank Information:

    The Fuel Cell Surge Tank (FCST) is a fill plate replacement for popular fuel cells. The FCST is designed for EFI vehicles experiencing fuel pump starvation issues while using a competition fuel cell. The FCST is NOT a glorified trap door box. It is the first of its kind to feature a true dual-chamber fuel tank utilizing a single lift pump and up to three surge tank pumps, all in a compact drop-in package. The FCST also provides a quick and easy way to drop-in an upgraded fuel pump system for extra flow for vehicles with large power demand upgrades such as forced induction. Alcohol fuels such as E85, methanol, etc can be safely used.

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